Import Policy (Motor Vehicle) Import License

Import Licensing

The legal authority for administering this policy is the Trade Act, Law 4, 1955. There are thirty four (34) items now on the List of Items that Require Import Licensing.

In fact, import licensing is one Agreement under the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Multilateral Agreement on Trade in Goods. The work of the company is therefore conducted in keeping with international trade rules.

Our responsibility is therefore to inform the consumer on the provisions of all policies relating to import/export licensing, and having done so through regular Notices to Importers, enforce the relevant provisions of the Act where breaches are committed. We also provide an advisory role to the Minister on formulation of policy issues relevant to our operations.

In keeping with the mandate of the Government, the company has formulated and implemented a Guarantee of Service to our stakeholders. The management and staff are committed to providing our customers with timely information on policy issues and changes in the services we provide. We would certainly appreciate your suggestions on how we can improve these services or provide other services to you, our valued customers.


Import Items List

  • Last modified: June 7, 2007